Kringle Candle Israel


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Bergamot, Green, Lemon, Amber… Release the aroma!  This almost impossible sea creature handled Nemo’s Nautilus as easily as it subdues a sperm whale. Kraken!  FEATURES: Our translucent Black Line tumbler jar candle, 12oz with two wicks for a fast melt, big wax pool and perfect for small to mid-size rooms and for every occasion. Signature grey/black soy blend wax, easy-peel label, reusable & recyclable. Clean, long burning (40-60 hours) with lead-free cotton wicks. Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle. 

4.25" x 3".

Scent Notes

 Bergamot, Green, Lemon Aromatic  Floral, Lavender, Spicy  Amber, Sweet, Woody, Musky.