Shave and a Haircut Limited Edition
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Shave and a Haircut Limited Edition

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While our Shave and a Haircut doesn't cost two bits, we're sure its delightful floral fragrance and strong lemon bergamot will have you happily howling at the moon...  Strong retro men's scent. Limited Edition 2019

FEATURES: Our Classic Country Large Jar - 24oz with two wicks for a fast melt, big wax pool and perfect for mid to larger-size rooms and every occasion. Colored wax, easy-peel label, reusable & recyclable. Clean, long burning (up to 150 hours) with lead-free cotton wicks. Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle. Country Candle 2-wick jars are as familiar to us as they were 40 years ago. This classic shape was the only choice to feature original Kittredge Family recipes of yesterday and today.

Scent Notes

 Strong Citrus Lemon Bergamot  Lavender, Spicy Carnation, Geranium  Vanilla Musk, Tonka, Benzoin